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Volunteer FAQs

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Madonna House. Below are some commonly asked questions. We hope this helps you decide to volunteer with us!

If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please contact us.

Q: Can I volunteer for an hour or two?
A: On weekdays, individuals may volunteer for a short period of time.

Q: Can I volunteer anytime?
A: Yes. Volunteer shifts are scheduled. During our evening and weekend hours, we have set times available.

Q: Can I bring a group?
A: Yes!! Groups do need to sign up in advance. It is recommended that groups have multiple dates in mind.

Q: Can children participate?
A: Volunteering is a great way to teach children about service and spend some quality time with them. Young adults under the ageof 18 years may volunteer without an adult, must have a signed permission slip by a parent/guardian and must be approved by Madonna House personnel.

Q: Can I complete community service hours at Madonna House?
A: Madonna House welcomes volunteers seeking to complete business or school related community service, for your fraternity, sorority or other service organization.  Volunteers needing to complete court related community service are welcome.

Q: I would like to do something for Madonna House that is not listed on the volunteer program. Is that possible?
A: Absolutely!! The possibilities are endless. If you have a special skill such as web design, grant writing or photo editing we would like to have you volunteer your services.