How to Feel Fresh Every Hour

Droplets of water running down to your face every time you have a walk through a small or even long distanced place. Sweat? Yes, sweat are the things that was dropping from your scalp through your cheeks down to your chin. Sweat are a waste substance that the body produces in order to help maintain a specific body temperature that may eventually cause to health problems if not given a care. On the other hand, sweat makes things stick and smelly specially your body parts specifically the warm and enclose areas like armpit and behind your ears.

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One of the things that can make you feel fresh though out the day is you must always get 6-8 hours of sleep every day. In this sleeping can help your body have an easy blood regulation that can give you a refreshing feeling even it has a very hot day above you head. Starting your day with an exercise can help your body to produce endorphin hormones. Endorphin hormones are the type of hormones where in it is behind the feeling of being active and not easily get tired immediately.

Brushing your teeth twice a day can really help you keep your friend’s situation and your mouth fresh that gives you confidence to talk to other people. Another thing that can help you keep your body fresh all day is you must not skip any meals especially your breakfast. In this, if you are able to skip any meal your mind will send a hormone that makes your body adjust to a survival mode that burns your fats that causes you to sweat. At the same time, you must always drink the amount of water that most of the doctors prescribed which is 8 glasses of water or more a day.

By keeping a moisturizer in your hands or in your pocket you can immediately get something directly when you feel your body or your hands are dried to the bones. Using fragrant soaps and gels can also make you feel confident and fresh to yourself. Washing your hair everyday can also help you to have a fresh feeling throughout the day. But wearing an appropriate size, color and type of shirt is the best hack that can help you feel fresh all the time of the day.

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